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Indian Girl Suicide Video in Front of Camera - Hanging Herself After Being Tortured

Indian girl committed suicide by hanging herself, during her call on Skype with her parents. Indian girl committed suicide after being tortured by her in laws. Her suicide video is going viral and is raising so many eye-brows all over the world.

While addressing to her parents on Skype call she blamed her parents for putting her life in jeopardy. Her in laws were beating and harassing her and no one was there to listen her. In the end of the video she hanged herself to our distress.

Girls in India lead a very painful life where they are harassed physically, mentally and sexually by men. This sad video of girl who committed suicide in front of the camera is so shocking. This shows how much stressful life she must have. 

She was on Skype with her parents and described how much she had to bear the torture imposed by her in laws. The young girl committing suicide in front of the camera after her saddening video is an eye opener for all of us.