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Hadiqa Kiani Cocaine Smuggling Scandal Based upon Fake News

Hadiqa Kiani's cocaine smuggling allegation, although it was baseless as claimed by the singer herself has got lot of attention. The news of course was very odd as Hadiqa Kiani is among one of Pakistan's most respected artists. Hadiqa Kiani cocaine smuggling news went viral on social media but it has been now confirmed that it was totally fake.

Hadiqa Kiani cocaine smuggling scandal based upon fake news

A tabloid news paper of UK, made these allegations that Hadiqa Kiani was having drugs with her and was intercepted by the airport authorities on being caught smuggling cocaine. It is still a mystery how did it all lead to being a smuggling case, as it was rejected by the airport authorities of Heathrow International Airport London. A Pakistani journalist in UK viewed this scandal the Hadiqa Kiani cocaine smuggling allegation as a result of hatred and insecurity of people of UK against Pakistanis and case of Ayyan Ali laundring millions of dollors has also got widespread media attention.

Hadiqa Kiani has denounced such allegations of cocaine smuggling and has challenged the newspaper to bring forward any evidence or she would be filing a lawsuit. Hadiqa Kiani cocaine smuggling allegation has also got attention of international media and a negative publicity for the Pakistan's music icon. Hadiqa Kiani has claimed cocaine smuggling news is fake as well as shocking and has openly criticized the source of publications about her involvement in any drug smuggling.