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Amanat Ali Wedding Pictures

Singer Amanat Ali wedding pictures have surfaced the social media as he has tied knot with another media personality Sarah Manzoor. Wedding pictures of Amanat Ali have been circulating the internet today as he and his wife were looking incredible on their photo shoot at Badshahi Masjid Lahore.

Amanat Ali wedding pictures had a great scenery of grand Mughal architecture.

 Since the release of the wedding pictures of Amanat Ali people have been sharing them all over the social media. Amanat Ali got fame as a classical singer and gained world wide popularity when he competed in a singing competition representing Pakistan.

Amanat Ali wedding pictures and shoot at grand Badshahi mosque with his wife has become a topic of social media frenzy. Both bride and groom have made a great fashion choice as both were looking dashing. Amanat Ali's wedding pictures are also shared by his fans in India and he has been congratulated by leading people of media.