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Ban on Facebook in Pakistan?

Is ban on Facebook in Pakistan inevitable? This is the question which has been bugging every Pakistani for past couple of days as this topic has been in hype for quite a lot. Ban on Facebook in Pakistan is being considered to be imposed in the wake of blasphemous content on Facebook. The ban is not restrained to Facebook only, as other social media platforms such as Twitter and Whatsapp are also being considered to be banned in Pakistan.

The case to ban Facebook in Pakistan first started to get noticed when Lahore High court justice took an action against it, citing the issue of content as the reason to ban the Facebook. The high court has gone to the extent to banning the biggest social media platform in the world to an indefinite period of time. Ban on Facebook in Pakistan would lead to a catastrophic reaction from within the country as Facebook has taken a central role in connecting the people world wide. In the past year YouTube another internet giant was banned by government of Pakistan following blasphemous content. Banning Facebook in Pakistan would isolate Pakistan even more as already the country is in dire straits.

The government should ban or report those pages which are promoting blasphemous content on Facebook instead of banning the whole social media platform in Pakistan, as Facebook is helping a lot of people in earning and promoting their businesses. Banning Facebook in Pakistan would result in debacle, as the society of Pakistan is already divided between secular and extremist factions. Some observers have also mentioned that this hype is acting as a pretext to ban Facebook in Pakistan because the government of Pakistan is being enormously criticized by people of Pakistan on social media platforms and also due to the fact that Facebook has helped to raise a significant amount of awareness among the masses about government's corruption and incompetence. If  Facebook to be banned in Pakistan is the solution then this further explains that how much frustrated our society has become.