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Model Ayyan Ali Photoshoot with Arab Model Omar Borkan

Model Ayyan Ali's photoshoot with Omar Borkan is having rave reviews all around the world. As Omar Borkan is considered to be among one the leading male models in the Arab world and Ayyan Ali has also gained recognition as an international model. The photoshoot was conducted by the Asiana magazine which is one of the most read magazines in the Arab world.

Video of Ayyan Ali's photoshoot with Arab Model Omar Borkan has been circulating the social media all around the world as Ayyan Ali was looking fabulous with her modeling partner Omar Borkan.

Ayyan Ali by Showbizbuzz
Ayyan Ali's photoshoot with Omar Borkan, is another career highlight for the Pakistani model who was involved in many controversial cases such as money laundering. Ayyan Ali's photoshoot with Omar Borkan is being shared by leading fashion personalities in the world.

Ayyan Ali and Omar Borkan photoshoot pictures have been going viral all around the world.

The venue for the shoot was the lavish and famous Spanish castle, which is under the usage of the royal family of Spain. Ayyan Ali's photoshoot with Arab model Omar Borkan had a very distinct fashion which was a mixture of Asian and Arabian whereas model Omar Borkan was dressed in traditional Arab clothing. The couture used for the the photoshoot of model Ayyan Ali and Omar Borkan was designed by leading fashion designers.