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Pakistani Actress Veena Malik Gets Divorce

Pakistani actress Veena Malik Gets Divorce. Veena Malik has ended her three-year-old marriage with Asad Khattak after a family court here granted them divorce. 

Well, it does seem like Veena Malik's husband Asad is trying his best to keep the marriage going! “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. I LOVE U my world,” he tweeted earlier this month.

Reason behind Veena Maliks's Divorce will shock you. According to some reports, the actress Veena Malik and her husband had been living separately for the last three months. Veena reportedly wanted to join showbiz but he had been insisting she look after their two children, Abram, 2 and Amal 1.
As we know Ms. Veena Malik is well known for her appearance on the Indian TV show Bigg Boss.