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Ronaldinho Coming to Pakistan

One of Brazil's finest footballers Ronaldinho is coming to Pakistan to promote football in Pakistan. News of Ronaldinho's arrival in Pakistan following his tweet "Pakistan here I come" has kept many football fans all over Pakistan enthralled. A star player who was a striker in the Brazilian national team squad and also a part of Barcelona La Liga, Ronaldinho coming to Pakistan is being considered to be of pivotal importance to give energy to the game of football in Paksitan.

Ronaldinho coming to Pakistan would be a big boost for Pakistan's football as he is considered to be among one of the most decorated football stars in the history. Ronaldinho's interest in Paksitan's football promotion is commendable and many football lovers in Pakistan are highly anticipating.

News of Ronaldinho coming to Pakistan has become a topic of social media where millions of his fans in Pakistan are looking forward to be part of his campaign to promote the game of football in Pakistan. Since Ronaldinhi is coming to Pakistan he would be playing a match and promoting the football exhibition in the country. It is also reported that he is conducting a world tour to promote the football clubs. Ronaldinho coming to Pakistan would be a very positive development in Pakistan;s sports environment.