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Shadi Mubarak Ho Drama Cast, Promo, OST and Timings

Shadi Mubarak Ho Drama will be a hit Hope so as this Drama is Directed by "Wajahat Rauf" if you remember Pakistani Movie, Karachi Se Lahore and Lahore Se Agay. So Shadi Mubarak Ho is the Experiment of his Small Screen.

First Episode of Shadi Mubarak Ho was Fabulous. Here is Shadi Mubarak Ho Episode 1 on Ary Digital.
So far, Promos and BTS of Shadi Mubarak Ho Drama appears Quite Entertaining. The Story of the Drama is Romantic plus Comedy and will be a Family Drama. Normally you see many Dramas with storyline of Social Issues being showcased on your TV Screens but Shadi Mubarak Ho seems to be a light-heart Comedy drama for the Audience.

Cast of Shadi Mubarak Ho Drama 

Lovely Kubra Khan from Drama "Alif Allah aur Insan" and "Andaz-eSitam". Kubra Khan in Shadi Mubarak Ho will be bubbly and Vibrant.
Yasir Hussain is in the leading role with Kubra Khan and he'e quit good in Comic Roles.
When it comes to Comedy, then the only name you seek is "Bushra Ansari". NO one can forget the role of "Saima Gee" in Dolly ki Aye gi Barat! So this will be her Second shadi based serial hope for another wonder like the old one's.

Salman Shahid and Sadia Faisal will also be in Shadi Mubarak Ho as seen in the Promo. Lets watch the Promo now!

Shadi Mubarak Ho Drama Promo

Timing Schedule

Timing of the Drama will be showcased after Eid Ul Fitr every Thursday at 8pm only on Ary Digital.

Shadi Mubarak Ho BTS Pictures